Sunday, June 16, 2013


Brolin has become quite the gardner lately. We love the idea of growing all of our own produce and knowing that it isn't covered in harmful chemicals. We don't have too much planted this year, but it's a start. One day we plan on having a greenhouse full of delicious fruits and veggies. For now, we are pretty proud of our little garden. It is so fun to work in it and we love enjoying the benefits of it! 

 Our snow peas are growing-- and they are delicious too!

 One of the best things about Oregon... strawberries from the garden!

I love working so close to home. I get to go home for lunch every day and have fun picnics with this cute guy. What more could I want?!

Beautiful view on our bike ride. We have been loving every second of this warm summer weather! It doesn't get much prettier than this.

Life is good.

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