Thursday, June 27, 2013

bikes berries and beaches

This is what we have been doing lately.

Evening bike ride adventures with friends.

Tyler and Katy are engaged! After 5 years, Tyler proposed to his beautiful girlfriend while we were at the coast last weekend. And yes, if you are wondering, he REALLY DID wear the knight in shining armor suit as he rode up on a horse! It was so fun to be a part of it. Love you two cutie pies. 

And of course, being an Oregonian now, I pick and eat berries constantly. I think it is my favorite part of living here. (Don't worry y'all, Texas is forever and always my one true love.) 

And last, but not least, our HUGE cilantro plant (naturally I had to throw in more berries). And just for the record, I do realize that the amount of pictures I post of our garden may classify as borderline obsessive. BUT, we don't have kids yet so what do you expect? For now, this is what ya get.

Love the life you live. We sure do. 


  1. I will gladly swap you my Texas summer for your Oregon one!

  2. i love the whole git-up so cute! your hair is amazing and i want your legs :)

    1. Caden- thank you! I just make sure people take pictures of me from up high so the angle makes me look small ;)