Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day

I am questioning how to even begin this post. Some people may think Valentines day is cheesy or obnoxious. Some people even hate it. But really... who can complain about having LOVE or being LOVED?? The idea of celebrating that love is fantastic! So beware all you valentine haters...this post is cheesy and obnoxious. (And I don't apologize one bit for it!)

I had so much fun decorating and celebrating with my lover on this day of love!

First, I surprised Brolin with a yummy french toast breakfast! MMMmmmm mmmm, Yum! He bought me flowers and wrote me the sweetest note. I think I'm pretty lucky!
Then after work and school, we went to yoga (aahhhh...found my chi!), came home and made dinner, then went out for some really yummy cheesecake at the coolest wine bar here in town. It was such a classy, relaxing atmosphere.  (So relaxing, I may have sipped on some wine! ...that was a joke...)

When we got home, we had our very own "Valentine photo booth" session with a disposable camera. It was so much fun!! We clicked a couple with my phone just for a preview. We also wrote love notes to each other and we put the notes and disposable camera in a time capsule that we are going to open on Valentines day in 5 years. Cheesy enough for you?!
Here's to a great day! I LOVE you Brolin.


  1. you two are just the cutest! i seriously loved this post. i am totally stealing this idea for next year, love it!!

  2. Thank Caden! You should totally do it!! We had so much fun taking goofy pictures and posing! :) We made our neighbor come over and take them, the poor guy haha! But I think it will be SO fun to be surprised by all the pictures in a few years. And especially the notes, because I told Brolin he better make me cry when I read it! :) I hope y'all are doing well!!!!!