Thursday, August 15, 2013


We went to Boston a few weeks ago for Spencer and Bria's wedding. The whole family was together and we had a blast, as usual. I want to share every picture and memory, but that would probably be overkill. Instead, I will just share the highlights...and maybe a little more!

SPENCER AND BRIA ARE MARRIED!!! Friday, July 26, 2013. Boston, Massachusetts.

Then it was time to explore the city. What an amazing place! We did the Duck Tour around downtown Boston, which was awesome and I totally recommend it. 

I absolutely love this picture. Such wonderful people.

The Charleston River.

Now on to Harvard Campus.

This church was so amazing.

After A LOT of walking, Mom, Dad, and Granny went back to the hotel for the night, and us kids decided to see what the Boston night life was like. We became pros at using the subway :)

Fenway street! 

On Sunday, we drove up the coast through New Hampshire and Maine. We saw a lighthouse, ate fantastic seafood (I even tried escargots...AND LIKED IT!), had DELICIOUS Brown's homemade ice cream, played in the water, and snacked on salt water taffy. A successful day in my book. 

That night was the last one we all had together so we spent the evening full of laughter, tears, and love. Sam (my little brother) recently got his Eagle in the scouting program so we had a little recognition night with him. We also said our goodbyes because he is now serving a two-year mission in New York! We sure are going to miss this guy, but we are so proud of his decision to serve. LOVE YOU SO MUCH SAMBO!!!

I am so incredibly blessed to have such an awesome family. I love these people more than anything! Brolin and I are so glad we got to spend this time with them. (All we were missing was Spencer and Bria!)

Now, if you thought that was an overload of info, just wait for my New York post.
Coming soon! 

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  1. Okay...I wish I could see the pictures bigger and more of them, my only complaint. Haha