Friday, October 19, 2012

An Angel Sent From Heaven

We have had a crazy past few weeks, and it has put the blogging on the back burner. Many of you know that Brolin's little brother, Joshua, passed away a few weeks ago. We so appreciate the love we have been shown and are thankful for the experiences we go through to become stronger in this life.

The day we heard the news, I wrote some of my thoughts and feelings. I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to post it, but after reading it over with Brolin, we thought it was something we would like to share. We love our little Joshy and we know he is in a better place. Our hopes, in sharing this, are that you will be as touched as we are by this experience.

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Today has been a long, emotional, tiring, and painful, day; yet it has somehow managed to bring feelings of peace, hope, faith, and love. Let me explain...

Around 3:30 this morning, Brolin and I, received a phone call we had both been dreading. Brolin's sweet, little brother Joshua, had passed away. It's hard to really describe that moment and what we were feeling. We had been anticipating it for a while now, but in the back of our minds we never really thought it could actually happen. 

Joshy was born like any other little boy. He smiled. He ran. He laughed. He climbed. He was happy. During the first year of his life, Joshua had a seizure, that lasted for four days. The effects were gradual, leaving him with nerve damage, affecting his speech, and slowing the development of his motor skills. I've talked with Brolin and his family about how they felt during this time, but even still I can only try to imagine what they were going through. 

Unknown to his family at the time, this seizure would be the first of thousands that Josh would experience during the 16 1/2 years of his life. Each one affecting his body more and more. 

Along with all the heart-ache for his family, and the constant pain that Josh felt, it was still obvious that he was a happy person. He could sense the love that surrounded him. (I could definitely feel the love from him!)  I've known Josh for five years now, and it's crazy how much love I have for that sweet, and perfect, little boy. You couldn't help but look at him and smile. He was a perfect angel sent from Heaven to brighten the lives of those he met.

It takes an incredibly strong person to do what Josh did; to go through life like this and to find strength in the hardest times. Josh truly understood what this life is all about. He taught people to love, to never judge, to be happy, and so much more. 

We have felt a lot of sadness today. And we have felt glimpses of hope and happiness. Josh is in a better place and he is free from the pain and limitations of his physical body here on this earth. knowing all that, it still feels impossible to hide the emotions we are feeling. BUT, I am so thankful to know that there is a life after this, and that families can be reunited for all eternity. It's amazing the love that I feel from family and the strength we can receive from each other. I'm realizing more and more that faith in God's plan is essential to our progression. It has brought me happiness more times then I can count. 

We'd like to thank everyone for the love and prayers that have been offered. Brolin and I are touched by the support we have felt. We don't expect the sorrow to just disappear, but we have faith and hope that happiness will always outweigh that sorrow. Things happen for a reason, and life goes on. So be happy and enjoy every moment you are given!!! :)

 We Love you Josh!

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  1. Sarah I had no idea. Thank you for sharing this! What a sweet post, so grateful for the plan of salvation and that you guys will be reunited with Josh soon! love ya!