Thursday, August 16, 2012

busy, busy

I'm a little behind on the updating, but it's only because we've been having so much dang fun lately! A couple weekends ago we headed up to North Fork with friends for the day! We swam around, jumped off rocks, had a picnic and soaked up some sun!

It's hard to see, but in this picture Brolin's jumping off that cement point!

That same weekend, Brolin did a 6-mile longboarding push race and he got 10th place!!! I had to work, but him and our friend Stacy went and had a good time.(You can't see him in this picture because he's on the other side, but it's the only one of the race!)

To top off the weekend we went to a huge beach party Saturday night out in Lincoln City.

This past week we did some wakeboarding and rafting as well.

So, like I said, we've been pretty busy (playing)! Brol's still working hard in school and I'm still workin' away being his little suga mamma. ;) Until next time!

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