Wednesday, July 4, 2012

bonne chance

Brolin's math class has been pretty tough for him. It's a 4 week class, so ALL of the normal semester information is smashed into that time frame. He pretty much does 8-10 straight hours of math everyday! He's been working so hard and he has two weeks left, but I'm not sure if that's a relief for him or just more stress! 

Tuesday, he had TWO tests and he studied his brains out! I wanted him to not be as stressed, so I decided to get up early and make him a big breakfast to keep him going throughout the day. I stayed up late Monday night (after he was asleep) and did all the prep for a breakfast casserole that was to die for! I'll include the recipe at the end.

 Here's how the casserole turned out. This picture does no justice, because I PROMISE, it's good. :) Of course, Brolin being Brolin, (he would eat the whole fridge if I let him), he also had to eat, a smoothie loaded with supplements, toast with jam, and a bowl of cherries and kiwi. Needless to say, he was totally prepared for his test.

A happy guy!

"Bonne Chance Aujourd'hui" - "Good Luck Today" in French :)

 Click here for the breakfast casserole recipe. I did some tweaking and left out the bread, but added shredded potatoes and mushrooms. Oh, and I also halved the recipe. So basically you can add whatever you want. I think maybe it's the stone ground mustard that made it so good. It was SO moist. Enjoy!

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