Wednesday, June 20, 2012

family weekend in burns

It's been quite the week in Burns. Brolin and I drove out here last Thursday and spent the weekend with the whole famiy. Little Joshy isn't doing well, so its been a mixture of emotions. Nikki and Selene came down from school, as well as Karsten, Leah and Brinley. The whole family was here and I think Josh could sense that. Aside from that part of the trip, we did all sorts of fun things together like, swimming, 4-wheeling, longboarding (I FINALLY GOT MINE!!) watched movies, ate big dinners, the boys even attempted to hang glide...yes, I got pictures and video footage!

Kevin & Josh gettin' ready to toss a water balloon ;)

My Board! Brian finished it and it is AWESOME! My birthday gift from Brolin. Check out more boards he has done and order one :) Just send him a message at Euphoria Boards

Jaiden's ride 

 Jaiden and Selene after a long day of sunshine!

 Hang Gliding Time!

 Of course Brolin was the first to try it out :)
Funniest video ever! Just watch his feet, haha

 The kids LOVE Uncle Brolin

 Rearranged the living room

The wind was perfect for flying kites.

We love spending time with family! Brolin and I are actually staying another week so we can be here with his mom and help with the kids and Josh. Luckily he doesn't start school until next Monday, so it's perfect! Life is good and we have been loving every moment of it.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, so we're planning a slip n' slide with the kids, pictures to come!

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