Wednesday, May 30, 2012

47 days.

Yep, it's true. We really have been married for 47 days now. People keep asking us how it feels to be married, and we just laugh because it feels the same way it always has! Don't worry, it is better with its extra perks, but everything else feels the same and we love it!

We have been having so much fun this last month it's hard deciding where to start. I'll do a quick recap with some pictures and then update you on what's going on now.

 April 13, 2012. Sealed in the Portland Temple

Awesome honeymoon night at the Nines hotel in downtown Portland. Totally recommend it.

Quick trip to Burns for Marion's baby blessing and our wedding reception.

The rest of our honey moon we spent at the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City! It was BEAUTIFUL. We did LOTS of fishing, hiking, shell collecting (that's not a joke!),  and we even got some sun it was so nice out!

I promise we're not hoarders. We are really going to make bracelets with these shells. The deal is if they are not made within 2 months of collecting them, they will be tossed.

Then it was off to Texas for an AMAZING reception. Mom and Cindy (and countless others) transformed the church gym into a European village, which has meaning for me and Brolin, so it was perfect! It was also a total surprise, so we were in awe the whole evening. 

We are now settled into our cute little town home in Monmouth, Oregon where Brol will be attending Western Oregon University starting in a few weeks. We've already made so many great friends and neighbors and are excited to start the festivities of summer!

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